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Ad Campaign

This ad touches on how parenthood can shake up a person’s core values and beliefs. Given that there’s an entire Discussion Lounge category dedicated to parenting, this is an appropriate thought-starter for many of our visitors.


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I love this ad. A warning to those who are considering parenthood and thinking that life will remain the same.

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I''ve recently had a second child and now am wanting to consider faith more seriously for the family.

This ad is great in that it emphasizes how as parents, the choices we make - religion being one of them - undoubtedly shape our child''s life forever.

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As a man who is in his early twenties, and would like to have children some day I like this ad. I know that young people are often brash and don't hink about things before doing them, I've done my fair share of them. But nothing so stupid as yo get a girl pregnant and then leave her on her own. There are a lot of people out there who are in that situation or have caused a situation like that to happen, this ad really makes you think about that, and is a great reminder about thinking before you act on your impulses.

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I would like to say that it is very nice to see a lighter side of religion. These ads even made me think that it may be time to go back to church. For those that beleive but didn't want the can retry the house of God.

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My children have actually told me that when they marry and have children, that they will probably go back to church. That Sunday school was a good influence. That our society needs the morals that the church teaches our children. So, answer me this, if church is so good for kids, why did they stop going when they did? How do they think the message will be spread, if they don't do the seeding.

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This is not only a topic for parents but for grandparents as well. My wife and I have out first grandson and our natural inclination is to "spoil him rotten". After reading the excellent article by Camilla Cornell I am starting to think that we may need to re-examine our core beliefs.

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I am not sure I get the point of this ad. Why is it just a baby that makes us reexamine our priorities and beliefs. Also, why is this a warning. I think that the message on the baby's wrist band should be attached to a picture that insinuates sexual intercourse...that is where caution is needed. Once you have the baby,sure your life changes, but that is because the baby is a direct product of your decision to have sex.

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I Love this ad! I have 6 me, life has never been the same. There is no room for selfishness or self centerdness.

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There are many things in our lives that should remind to us examine our priorities. I think that this ad with the baby is one of the more obvious reminders of that priority-shifting that is needed. Before fatherhood, my wife and I could leave off to whatever event on the weekends we wished to attend. Now, we have to consider if the weather is right for our son, or if the event is too loud, if they allow smoking, etc.

My son is a gift from God and a reminder each day of the awesome responsibility and gift I have been given. When my son smiles and laughs, I know I am hearing the voice of God.

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Is this ad a good representation of the assimilation that takes place within religion? I find this ad offensive in that nature. why can't children educate and research ideas on their own. After all they DO have the capability to do higher thinking and understand and challenge ideas after the age of 13. Is this ad promoting the indoctrination of children before they reach such an age?

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to ad from my previos post...It suggests so many possible interpretations. does it mean that the parents must smarten up after having the child? insinuating that they are currently a sinner? or a bad person and must put on a face for their child? or does its interpretation comprehend to the teachings of religion to this baby and it's vital importance?
either way, I don't like it.

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"A child who is early taught that he is God's child,
that he may live and move and have his being in God,
and that he has, therefore, infinite strength at hand for the conquering of any difficulty,
will take life more easily, and probably will make more of it, than one who is told that he is born the child of wrath and wholly incapable of good."

Dr. Edward Everett Hale

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this ad seems very out of place amongst the others. will anyone really debate this?

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I saw one posting that said the baby's wrist band should have something that insinuates sexual intercourse. I think that is a good idea depending on which population you wish to reach out to. I personally have a 10 month old and the pregnancy was planned in a stable relationship. I "knew" things would change, but you don't really know how much. I was prepared for the late nights and the changes your body goes through when pregnant, but I was not prepared at all for the massive shift in priorities and values. People told me that I may have conflicts with my spouse over parenting styles and sex and such, but no one mentioned the value shifts. Ten months later, I am still trying to understand where I am as a person with the new motherhood identity still lingering over me. I commend this ad for giving a heads up. Maybe if it did have some more explicit content to demonstrate to the population that may end up with an unexpected pregnancy, it would send out a slightly different but extremely valid message too: "Be prepared and use contraception if you really don't feel ready!"

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These ads definitely hit people at the gut level - the responses have proven that - amazing the differing interpretations placed on every ad. The ones who cheer and the ones who are offended, the ones who laugh and the ones who say "not fair". Some folk are defensive and others are offensive. This baby - for me - is the best. There is nothing more earthshaking in life than bringing home a baby.

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For myself, my views of everything completely changed once I saw my babies. I knew that things that once seemed so important to me were no longer a priority. The only thing that mattered was the well being of my children. I think this ad is great because it is so true! You cannot bring another human being into this world without reprioritizing your whole life! I thought I had found my faith prior to my girls being born, I was so wrong. I have truly found a new level of faith because of these beautiful gifts from God.

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We have eleven grandchildren and recently added a great grandchild.
The "baby" ad reminds us of all the trials, tribulations, joy and thankfulness that come with this blessed event. There is a huge responsibility that needs to come before this event - and there is nothing more welcome than the love and support of everyone you can 'bring alongside'. This may require a lot of work, love and forgiveness from many quarters - but it is worth all the effort.
We send our love to all the young mothers and fathers, now, and still to be.

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Kenn Chaplin


A great ad to encourage baptism, with all the support a church family can bring!

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I love this add :>)

I have 15 year old triplets and let me tell completely changed my life!!!

Have a great day! :>)

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I have 3 wonderful daughters. I have raised them without much religion. I would have taken them to church but my husband and I have different religions and we didn't agree.
Either way, we were both raised our daughters as christians and I beleive that we have taught our kids more of Christ's message than either church that we ever attended could have. Christ taught his followers to love their fellow man. We have taught our kids to love and respect others which is something I see seriously lacking in their peers.

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This ad really spoke to me. When our children were born, that is the time we sought out a church family once again. Children need safe, loving and supportive places to grow and learn, and our church has certainly been that for our children. Will they continue to attend a church now that they are young adults? I certainly hope so for the love and support of other caring and faithful people - this is a gift that churches offer to all if they come in the door. The United Church isn't one that tells people what to think - it is a place where people can explore their faith in a community of support. It is not just new parents that need community around them - we all do.

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In "This United Church of Ours", Ralph Milton spoke to the topic "Hatching, Matching, and Dispatching"--Perhaps this ad will create more awareness that faith and commitment are exactly that and not dependent on a time of life but all of life.

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This is the only ad worth spending money on. Spend it all on this ad
please and dump the rest.

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How true! As any parent would know... Having children and the faith questions that it arose in us is what brought my wife and I back to the church. I can not imagine raising my children without that faith. Cheers to a great campaign.

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One of things we miss when we stop belonging to aan extended family/community like a church is that we get out of touch with the full spectrum of ages and until we are suddenly thrust into the experience of parenthood by becoming pregnant,--babies and pregnant couples and toddlers are just not a part of our lives.

Another thing about our society is that we often marry a partner who comes from a very different tradition than our own. We think we are beyond all the differences--we are modern and secular will carry us through.
Then the baby is born---and all kinds of unconscous beliefs rise to the surface.
Suddenly we need be caretakers and disciplinarians. Will we respond to every cry? When are we spoiling the child?
Suddently we need to become storytellers. Who am I? What is my place in the world? Who will take care of me? What am I to do? What really matters?
Suddenly we need to be able to respond to the "why" question--not to have the answers but to simply be able to engage in the wondering.. Why do I have to do that? Why doesn't God talk back? Why do tres grow? Why do people kill one another? Why do people die?
We are not prepared. We need to sort these things out for ourselves, let alone for our children. We need to get into practice as wondering people inside a wondering story that is part of a wondering community. For me that is what church should be and still could be.

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Babies I love babies Toddlers ... yes son is now 2 1/2, #3 of 4 children ,
there are definatly moments of near insanity. Did I know what I was getting myself into noooooooooo. Do I love it ,well, I wouldn't change it for the world, wish I could have more.

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The Bible tells us about the beginnings of our Christian religion. It starts with the Jewish roots and goes on to the stories of Jesus and a little beyond. There are other parts to our religious story that are not in the Bible--- the years before the beginning of the Bible records and the centuries since.
When the Bible, as we have it, was put together many writers were rejected and unfortunately destroyed. Since the cannons of scripture were closed many worthy people have recorded their thoughts in books.
We should and do use the writings of others in our church services and personal study. I think it is time to include the thoughts of more scholars in the Bible. I am sure that God has inspired the work of many since the death of Jesus. The stories of the great works of many should be considered.

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Being a young mom, I think this is a good add. I would never regret having my daughter but things have deffinatly changed (mostly for the better). The most insignificant things before you are a parent are so precious after. Things as simple as having time to shower! As being a young person, things like having the time to get all pretty everyday, and buying brand name clothes. Now, don''t get me wrong, I still have the money and time (usually) to do these things, they just don't matter as much. I was not brought up in any certain faith. My mom is united and my dad is baptized a catholic ( but now is an athiest). My parents were divorced 15 years ago. I sometimes went to church with friends and was in church youth groups when I was young. I always liked it. My mom taught me to just live like Jesus said to. She said you do not need to go to church to be a good person. She now is involved in the united church and my siblings(ages 13,11,and 7) are all baptized. I now see the importance in church. Again not that I think it necesary but I think it is beneficial in family life and in the upbringing of children. That is also something I never thought I would think before I had children.

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I love it how true most people go into parenthood so unprepared.
what a great add

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I love this add, because as a mother of 4 and grandmother of one baby boy, it makes you think how your life is going to change once the little one arrives and how your decisions shape the life of the baby forever.

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For me from all the adds that I have seen, this is the most well done, so simple as yet says so much !
Great job !!

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I love this ad as it is so true. With the birth of my first daughter my eyes on the world completely changed. All of a sudden I went from being focused on my needs to being completely consumed with the needs of another very helpless little person. Something changes internally when a child is born. This ads touches that change and I think touches each parent when he/she reads it. Like a number of posters above, we started attending the UCC in order to give our children a church family. Elis

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Deb_D (not verified)


Ok...quotes Ad Campaign ...
"This ad touches on how parenthood can shake up a person's core values and beliefs. The picture, an infant with a hospital bracelet that reads, 'WARNING: some re-assembly of priorities and beliefs may be required'."

Response to Ad Campaign ... Parenthood did change my life. How so? My child received priority in my life receiving the greatest amount of my time. Also, she was given the best I could give to her of what I knew to give. A parent lives a sacrificial life in serving another decreasing what is given to self.

Was God given priority in my life when If first became a parent, no. Why? I was still an unbeliever in life. My parents did have me baptized and I was taken to church with my siblings. I just did what I say my parents do, I took my child to church to be baptized. My parents stopped attending when we were young. Looking back in time, I see I did the same, stopped attending church for other priorities took place.

Today, my daughter is doing the same for her daughter, she is taking her to church to be baptized. She did what I did, in seeing what I, as her parent, had done for her. Such as, take her to church as she is now doing for her child or my grandchild.

My mother latter in her forties returned to church but to seek God. She past away when I was in my early twenties. It was when she was in time of deepest troubles in her life when she returned to seek. I too returned to seek God in my mid to latter thirties also at a point in life when I reached the deepest times of troubles. I, since then attend church to this day however, my daugher went on to university not returning to church since her later elementary school days. However she started back when her daughter was born but, started to attend for the sake of having her child baptized.

Now that I am a believer, the way I view the world has changed. Late in life though, and now a grandparent. I give thanks to God that later than not at all to know him while living today.

Parenthood does change everything and it is God who changes the way I veiw the world. If only I knew God earlier in my life the way I look at the world, I would have brought up my daughter diffferently. For what my parents and I, as parents have done wrong regarding spiritual matters and priorities, God had found a way to reach into our lives, to make us cry out, seek and search for him like he had for my mother and for myself.

Knowing that God is with us and latter in life, I try to teach my daughter now as an adult this truth and was reaching out to her in her High School days not wanting to hear about "religion". So she may not attend church for the sake of obligation her parent had ... but to know God and attend so her child/ren remain in the church all their days to learn and grow throughout their lives too. I pray that she not do the same as I did and her grandmother did. that is to leave the church like the last two generations had when the children were young.

The Bible says about parenthood to bring up the child while they are young in the ways of God. I did not read my Bible to know this, I wish I had too. The world sets its way in a person or has hooks in a person making it harder to recieve words that are true or to open up to what God has to give to a person, all good things and many gifts.

God is creator. Jesus purchased mankind back to the Father, God, to be his adopted children, to be in union again. I see that we can go along in God's ways early in life or he will find a way to us latter in life. I believe it is less painful if the child is brought up in God's ways from the beginning till the end of their life. For, God can re-assembly our priorities and straightens out our belief's. He did for my family.

I only wish now it would have been from my youth I did know God in what had became known in my thirties. He has Presence in life and to a start a relationship. Whenever the start is early of later in life better to be sooner.

If you are a new parent I encourage you to seek God with all your heart, soul, and mind, to know God and to bring up your children in a church for them to know him from their youth. As God desires us to raise our children in his ways from childhood. The blessings would be many more times greater in your lives and your children's!!!


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This is the ad that I just saw in the October issue of House and Home. It drew me immediately to read what it was for. As a member of the United Church and a church Steward I was NOT aware of this website. So far it is wonderful and just what some of us have always dreamed of having. Thanks for advertising in magazines that the average Canadian family reads.

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I absolutely love this campaign. It really does touch your heart. However, I believe that the only people it touches are those who already know this.

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I really liked this ad. It is amazing how much things change once you have children! I think this ad is a good reminder that as my children grow and learn, they are watching everything that I do and say. Decisions that I make today will affect my children directly or indirectly and influence how they view life. I am a born-again Christian and I grew up in a Christian home and I think that my spirituality plays a huge part in how I raise my kids. I want my children to grow up with strong morals and values and this ad reminds me that I am responsible for that. That's one of the reasons that my husband and I decided that I would be a stay-at-home mom. Hopefully that is one decision that my children will benefit from. Thanks for the reminder that our job as parents is a huge responsibility and not one to be taken lightly!

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I think this is my favourite WonderCafe ad so far. It really hits home.

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This message is to mamas:

I think I understand what your kids did.  They probably left because they felt that they knew everything that they truly needed to know about the morals and ethics of their church, and that they needed to learn more from other religions and churches and compare their findings.  Does that make sense?