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Wandering the deep time

I saw the light of God explode forth

Rays of holy energy permeating me

Filling me, the Cosmos, with God’s Power


God’s Word


God’s Will


God’s Love


And I danced among the stars,

Singing the praises of the Most High

Who had lifted me to Heaven

And filled me with Holy Light.




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Praying, listening often the first course of action

There was a massive fire in Bella Bella BC this week. You probably didn’t hear about it. Bella Bella is on the BC coast. It’s a first Nations community. Located in the territory of the Heiltsuk Nation, Bella Bella is an important town and service centre. I know of Bella Bella because it is the home of a United Church of Canada hospital (yes, the United Church runs several small, remote hospitals). Bella Bella was part of a historic ministry of the United Church.

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Mission and Service


Minutes for Mission - July 21: Safe and Secure

We all want our property to be safe and secure. Listen to how one of our partners provides peace of mind for those who lack safe storage.


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Dcn. Jae



Toronto-area Christians, let your voice be heard on the important subject of Gluttony in Toronto Churches.


Participate in a short, free, anonymous survey at http://www.tinyurl.com/TOchurchfood


Thank you for your participation.

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Mission and Service


Minutes for Mission - August 18: Footsore No More

See video


Sore feet may not seem like a big health issue, but foot care can provide more than physical comfort. Hear our partner’s story.