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Consumerism and relationship with God

I know there are a lot of critics of "consumerism" in religion, but their solution, which is usually some version of "my way is the one right way to be faithful- stop being so self-centred" is not helpful to me. The flip side of consumerism as selfishness is empowerment.

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Is God an Easter bunny?

(Ten words are required.). Ah, so, should bunny be Bunny?

Damn. I put exactly ten words, and it still wouldn't publish. Is somebody afraid of the truth about easter bunnies getting out?

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Basic Training in the Holy Communion Reflex


When I was young, my Irish Catholic mother made sure that I received all of the necessary rites of passage that were available in our church. That began with baptism, but I have no memory of being baptized. The first rite that I was old enough to remember was my first communion when I was about 9 years old. And it was very memorable for a number of reasons.


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What you see may not be...

An interesting article from about the organic health food industry and who really is running the show.  It is long but well worth the read....


Burt's Bees, Tom's of Maine, Naked Juice: Your Favorite Brands? Take Another Look -- They May Not Be What They Seem