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Jim Kenney


Lament Begins

My story, prayer and message for September 22, 2013.

Lament Begins: Jeremiah 8, 32, Lamentations


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Jim Kenney


Disruptive Healing June 23 2013

Luke 8:16-39

After an operation for carpal tunnel, Jane asked her doctor if she would be able to play the piano.  "Of course you will be able to", he said.

"That's great," she said, “because I never could before.”

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Spirituality & healing ...

I often listen to on-line seminars from NICABM  (National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine) - they're pretty interesting, featuring reputable folks talking about brain science, healing, trauma etc.  They're just starting a new series on Spirituality & Healing ... here's a link in case you're interested.   Seminars are free if you listen at the broadcast time - otherwise a fee is required.


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sermon for Feb 12 2012

Seeking Healing.

Texts: 2 Kings 5:1-14, Mark 1:40-45

Preached by Rev. James Murray at Dominion-Chalmers United Church, Feb. 12 2012


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PNEUMA & PSYCHE & SOMA--how they connect, inter-connect & UNIFY

See video

IN THE BEGINNING: THEOLOGY (study of God), PNEUMATOLOGY (study of Spirit) & Somatology (study of things)

Let's begin by thinking about our first human-like ancestors, especially our first male and female ancestors--two leaders of the small and human-like family on planet earth--who evolved to the point of being self-aware and self-conscious enough to say to one another:


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sermon for Jan 23 - Repentence

 The Unexpected Road of Repentence

Text: Matthew 4:12-17
Preached by Rev. James Murray at Dominion-Chalmers United Church,
Jan 23 2011.
For over two hundred years, scientists struggled to understand the nature of light. When they tried to measure it as a wave, it appeared as a wave. When they tried to measure it as a particle, it appeared to be a particle.
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Child Abuse Survivor Monument

I'm posting this in R&F because, for me, it’s how we conduct ourselves in our daily life that’s the true measure of our faith.

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What Bends you Over????

That is the one of the sermon questions for me this week.  I am working with These Scriptures


It is my belief that we all need to be set free of something sometime.  It is also my belief that we may not even know what is binding us until after the fact.


If you want to know where I am going (maybe) You can click here!

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Father, please forgive me, for i have sinned...

I knew this girl who could finish a SUDUKO game in 3 minutes flat. She once tried to get me to play it when I was drunk, and speaking truthfully, I told her I was not as smart as I let on. She had a really great job, a nice car, and white teeth that emanated the most beautiful smile with only one dimple. I have met many girls since her, but none quite like her. She was kind, sweet, endearing and considerate. She came at a time in my life when all I wanted to do was flail, drink whiskey and numb the pain.