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WC2: The Results are In

The polls have closed, the ballots are counted, the scrutineers have signed off on the result. Now there is only thing left to do. Publicize the results. And for this ballot, no political careers were at stake (Bonjour, Mme. Marois).


We had 47 voters turn up at the polls, ten more than when we voted on the name. That alone is a good thing. yes


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4 Seasons Camping

Help Cave Springs Camp build a year round building to grow the opportunities for Christian Camping  

Vote here up to 10 times for each email address,  once per day,  Nov 15-26

 Dave Duffus  camp board member

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Did You Have Problems Voting?

I've seen an article or two about how the new identification rules for voting affected rural Canadians and students.  Two thirds of the Dalhousie student population that came out to vote were turned away from the polls because they didn't have the proper proof of residence.


Did any of you have problems voting?  Was everyone aware of what they needed to have with them, or do you think Elections Canada could have used their $9 million+ better?