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clergy abuse

A clergy friend has been chatting with me about the issue of 'abusive church members' and sent me this lnk.  Clergy abuse has been touched on in various threads here at different times so I thought I would post the link for possible opinions and discussion.

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I've kept a copy of the original article in a file somewhere for many years.  This one is only a year newer according to the copyright at the bottom.

Is there anything newer out there to define, name and then help clergy to deal with this rather sensitive issue.  Many good points are made in the article.  It should be a must read for as many as possible.

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The Alban Institute continues to be the leading organization working on this issue, specifically in the church context. Check out for more information and resources.


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I kind of walked away from Rediger's thinking a few years ago. I found the work of Gil Rendle and Arthur Boers ( more helpful. The original book by Edwin Friedman,  ( ) , "Generation to Generation: Family Process in Church and Synagogue", is still the gold standard for reading in the field of clergy abuse.

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amen david - especially friedman's book

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I think that ministers can no longer expect respect just because they are the minister.  They must earn that respect.  Most of us know that a minister is just a person like you and I.  Whereas there was a time when the minister was the most ecucated person in the church, that is often not the case anymore.  There are many people in our congregation who are well educated, we have our own opinions and want to be respected for them, as well.  When this doesn't happen, parishioners may rebel.

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