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"doing" nothing?

We all need some 'down time'  to stay healthy & keep some balance in life. 


So I'm curious ... when you're having a day of "doing nothing" - what do you do?  


Do you schedule in "do nothing days" - or do they naturally occur for you?  


Or maybe you don't have any such days ... what's that like for you?

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"doing nothing" days for me occur naturally and generally over a holiday period.  For instance, New Years' day for me was a "doing nothing" day.  We had our big family supper the night before.  So, no cooking needed to be done - just leftovers.  Stayed in my jammies all day long (very, very seldom do that unless I am sick).  Ate, drank diet coke, read books, watched movies, watched tv, worked on a puzzle, and visited.  I'm not sure that it was a healthy day (as far as eating and drinking) but it definitely was a do nothing day.


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I like to sing on do nothing days.............................


I'm busy doing nothing

Working the whole day through

Trying to find lots of things

Not to do.


I'm busy going nowhere

Isn't it just a crime

I'd like to be unhappy but

I really don't get the time.

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   I try to regularly schedule a do nothing day, usually they end up being a Sunday.   Do nothing for me is only doing the bare minimum and only doing things that I really feel like doing without feeling guilty about not doing things I should do.     No matter the day though I do have to take care of animals and cover things like watering plants if necessary in the summer.    In terms of what I do it depends on the time of year, the weather and my energy level.    It might be going visiting, out for a hike, reading a book for several hours,  making something crafty, not getting dressed and watching tv all afternoon, playing a computer game or just surfing the net with no particular direction in mind.   It could also just be lazing around and sleeping.   I don't worry about cooking anything major (unless I feel like it) and sometimes just go out for food.     Sometimes I do end up doing chore like tasks but only if I feel like and if I don't that's okay.  


My do nothing days are more a mental health type day.   If I don't have one for a long period of time I feel it mentally and all other days end up suffering and I'll end up falling into a 'do nothing day' whether I want to or not. :)    Best to be proactive about it.  LOL


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Ah yes .... jammies all day & doing just what I choose - no obligations, shoulds, must dos ... maybe even a nap like I had today!    I've had a bit of a 'do nothing' weekend - which has been perfectly lovely, and well needed for me at this point.   Went to the library, watched a few travel videos of England & Wales, read a bit, ate lovely food prepared by my partner, drank some delectible wine, went to bed early! 


My days usually happen more by chance than design - but I agree Jadespring - being proactive is great idea!!

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LOL every day seems to be a "do nothing day".

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Pilgrims Progress


carolla wrote:

Ah yes .... jammies all day & doing just what I choose - no obligations, shoulds, must dos ... maybe even a nap like I had today!   

Apart from the "jammies all day"  it sounds a lot like retirement.

There's still obligations, shoulds, must dos, - but (and this is the best part) often at a time of your choosing.


And it's amazing how doing what "has to be done" when you choose the time makes it less of an obligation.


Unless I'm ill, I don't have "do nothing" days now - I don't need them.


But what I do do is regulate my activities - especially socialising. I meet up with folks once a day, - no more going out to lunch and a function at night -  and find that three hours in anyone's company is, like Goldilock's porridge, "just right".

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When you're a working parent with a pre-teen, there aren't many do-nothing days. When I do get downtime (rarely a day, more like an afternoon or evening), I read, watch the boob tube, listen to music, or just veg in my comfy chair. Or post on WC .




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For sure - stage of life & health matters in this regard.   When our kids were little, my husband would often take them to McDonalds for Saturday breakfast, then to the park for a while - so I would luxuriously and gratefully sleep later, and languish in my solitude for a short while ... for which I was tremendously thankful! 

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Sometimes I do a great deal of work on a 'day off'--the work of my choice, like gardening and yardwork--I can charge at that and work 'til I'm ready to drop, and it feels so good, it's better for me than just sitting.  However, we only get to do that outside work a few months of the year.  So in winter?  Read, play Scrabble, maybe watch a movie, but not often; I enjoy cooking; surfing the net (which really is reading.) Frankly if it's a day on which I'm not under pressure to do formal work like paperwork or preparing services, nearly anything I do feels relaxing.  Music should be involved, though.

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I have do nothing days pretty regularly...usually at least one per weekend, if not two.  Only having one child, even if she is 4 years old, makes this possible.   I usually get up with her and Jim sleeps late, then I go back to bed for an afternoon nap.  Today I napped and read, then had a bath (Rachel was in the bathroom by then, chattering away at me and offering to wash means squirting body wash on my leg or my elbow and rubbing it around for a minute before deciding it's too gooey.)  She had her bath later and I, as usual, sat in the doorway of the bathroom with a book, keeping an eye on her but being just out of reach of her splashes. 

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ah weeze - I too love a day spent in my garden - refreshing, restorative, satisfying and tiring all at once!


Baths ... I can hardly remember the last time I had one ... usually it's a run through the shower in the morning for me ... I must remember that for a 'do nothing' day - thanks for that idea Mists.

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A sabbath day-perhaps a day in bed with a good book-or a walk in the river valley with a friend-and her dog-a few hours in Chapters with a tea latte

sometimes working out at the gym

or sewing or farmers market

But it''s a day of "want to's" not "have to's"

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Pilgrims Progress


weeze wrote:

  However, we only get to do that outside work a few months of the year. 

Ah, my poor Canuck friends! 



But the good news is that, unlike we Aussies, your skin doesn't resemble the dried up river beds of old smiles. 


Swings and roundabouts. 

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my doing nothing days involve books, the couch, and a quiet time...


i take them generally on a weekend, sometimes, mid week.


i often take them on a US Holiday, that is not a canadian holiday -- ie American thansgiving, or other summer holidays.



edit, I also have 6+ weeks of vacation.  I generally take at least 2 weeks per year "around the house" and of those weeks, at least 2 are do nothing days....depends on how much unwinding I need.

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Haven't really had any "do nothing days" of late... but when i do... i take care of myself as much as possible... maybe play some drums.. some music.. go for a nice long walk...  and meditate... or journey with my big drum "laughing wolf".....


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I schedule a sunday of nothing doing once in a while, not so much in the winter, when I feel pressured to do something for our betterment every day, but every evening is free time, after 8:30. That's when I sit in my chair and watch star trek or doctor who, or read.


Sometimes I flake out in my chair for a bit of vegitating. Just to sit and breathe and re-group. That goes on as long as needed, sometimes up to an hour.


Normally, in the summer after a busy work day, hubby and I grant ourselves a sunday or monday off.

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My do nothing days? Ha ha ha!  I am a putterer, so even when I stay in jammies I may decide to start cooking or doing dishes or laundry... She knows I think it is a very good movie if I sit still.

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I sleep late.  Get up have a coffee.  Have breakfeast.  Take care of pets. Have another coffee.  Maybe go for a walk.  Then have a coffee.  Then maybe have a nap.  Stuff like that.

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How can you nap with all that coffee in your system??? LOL

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 For me a 'do nothing' day  means it is totally unstructured.  Nowhere to be at a certain time.  Read a book, take a nap, putter in the garden, bake something, snack...and today,  LAUNDRY. Basically whatever I feel motivated to do (or NOT do).


Sweet sweet days.

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