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History Photos Never Seen Before- After World War 11- the Atlantic Magazine

I received this in an email today so I thought I'd pass it on. Its not for the faint of heart.

Amazing Photos and History

WWII photos

The first 44 photos in this collection are pretty amazing, but photo#45is a real eye opener

You probably never have, and most likely will never see these pixs again....don't know where they've been but some are brilliant …

This entry is Part 20 of a weekly 20-part retrospective of World War II) [45 photos]

1913 Womens Suffrage Parade

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I was particularly drawn by the photos of Naziis in party uniform in New York. Quebec had large and active fascist and nazi parties. The fascists were  in the Italian district just a few blocks from where i lived. There's a big, Catholic church still there with a huge fresco that depicts God and his saints, with Mussolini among the saints and on his horse.

The horse was given to him by a Montrealer who operated a coffee shop by the church The owner and the coffee shop were still there at least into the 70s. If the owner liked you would give you a matchbook whose cover depicted the overlapping faces of Mussolini and him. (There were almost twins.)


Both fascists and naziis frequently paraded in full uniform. The deputy chief of the Naziis, a very sucessful dentist, also operated a nazi youth camp in the Laurentians north of Montreal.

And, yes, his name was Decarie, and he was a relative.

I also note there are no pictures of atrocities by our side - though there were certainly plenty.

I haven't yet looked at the suffragists,, though I certainly shall. I have a special interest in them because they came straight out of the prohibition movement. If you ever read prohibition songs, you'll note that the drunkards are always men. I've never seen one about drunken women = though such certainly existed.

The point women were making in the movement was not that they were equal to men, but that they were morally superior. It's possible that the suffragist movement was more about superiority than equality.











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There's even one that has led one researcher to posit that the Crop Circle phenomenon is older than orthodox theory may think (unless those 2 hoaxers are REALLY old...)

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