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Darrel Tessier


Youth and the Search for Meaning in a Meaningless World

Pondering my youthful past as I sip on my morning coffee: I remember as a young teen slowly waking up to the idea that the adult world was random & not "fair" or "rational." Most adults were motivated by fear, insecurity or just plain ignorance. Reading Orwell's 1984 and Huxely's Brave New World shook me to my existential roots. My suspicions were confirmed. Yikes! This was the world I was entering. I had a feeling of being lied to. Science addressed the "how" but left out the "why!" School was boring! Churches were out of touch! Then I discovered the Perennial Philosophy, Metaphysics and the Esoteric. There have always been those groups and individuals, largely unseen, that continued the search for True Knowledge - Gnosis. Essential Goodness resides in the human heart. Not in any system or institution. There was hope. Jesus beyond the human institutions. Jesus as radical teacher. Jesus as iconoclast. Jesus on the side of the poor and oppressed. Jesus as a Revolutionary.  Jesus and the Coming of the Cosmic Christ. Jesus IN other World Religions not opposed to them. The Journey began! The Journey continues!


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It's quite a ride... never forget the journey: letting go gets even more important than reaching forward.  And, not only is beauty very sustaining, it's always within reach... usually at your fingertips -- whatever "god" is revealed to you, beauty is god's language of love.

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