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Observer's "Alone Together" social media article

Have people had the chance to read "Alone Together," the United Church Observer's new article on social media? It's an interesting, wide-ranging piece that includes a variety of perspectives (thanks to them for quoting me too!). But I'm a little frustrated that it doesn't really convey the community and (for some) spiritual experience we've had here on WonderCafe and that is possible on social media in general. What do you think?

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It is only May 3.  WE don't generally recieve the Observer till the 10th -15th of the month.


Even when articles are posted on the website, many people don't read them there.  I find it more helpful to discuss articles fromt he Observer later in the month.

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What do I think? I think it's a very well written and insightful article but the true test of whether online social networks will enhance or take away from our lives is...time. So if it does turn out to be a detriment, our culture will be so entertwined in it's grip over the years, it will become impossible to ignore it.


On the other hand if whole generations grow up only knowing this form of socializing, would they even miss something they never knew? Sometimes I think these sites are just a better "telephone" like we all grew up with, except our parents wouldn't let us make conference calls to all our friends at once..... or spend so much time talking on it.

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