Important Notice: WonderCafe has Closed

The United Church has sadly come to the decision that WonderCafe needed to close and all new discussion ended June 2014. Read More...

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Pre-retirement Seminars

In just over an hour, Ministry & Employment  will host another montly Pre-retirement Seminar.  Join us last minute (you can!) to get an idea of what it's all about!

Details for joining the conversations are here:

Of course, when you contact us in advance we can give you the hard copy details and we'll send you your most recent Pension Statement* with the presentation information.

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Call for Presentations: The Future of Ministry!(abstract/exec. summary for April 30)

The Theology and Inter-Church Inter-Faith Relations Committee of The United Church of Canada is undertaking a multiple-year study on power in the church and in society. This event will be held in October, at Queens School of Religion.

More information:

See also: "Events"

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Journey into the United Church: Saying "Uncle" to God

I have been Asked to do many impossible things for God over the last nine years.  Now that He has reduced me to zero, I can't say that I'm 'Asked' to do one more thing.  It's like I haven't been Given an option.


My dad just had a second heart attack in as many months.  All the doctors could say is that his heart is 'tired.'  At 87 years old, the body is just worn out.  He is a minister.  Now his son begins to enter the process to become one.  The doctors asked my mother about 'do not resuscitate' orders.' 


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Programming and Support -- when congregation has evenings/weekends free

First, is the situation in our community

a)  many, many people work straight days, children /teens go to school straight days. We, at least the folks we appeal to, tend to have both parents working outside of the home.

b) programming or pastoral care for working parents or church meetings are primarily on evenings, and weekends.

c) programming for seniors is primarily in the daytime, as are emergent issues, ie hospitals/ funerals, and the  city / council type connections.

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January 25, 2009
Third Sunday after the Epiphany
Jonah 3;1-10
Mark 1:14-20                              Decisions