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My First Blog

How ought we be together as Christians?  How should we relate to each other?

I think we mostly all know the answers, though we drop the ball on living it out.  Not to go all Bible-quote-dropping, but I really like Jesus' formula:  If someone upsets you, go talk to them first in private. If you can't work it out, bring a friend or two.  If you still can't sort it out, bring Church elders.  After all that is done, then you can call them up for public discipline. (Matt  18:15-17)


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Retreat! (as in 'a spiritual retreat')!/notes/darryl-dash/cedarly-pastors-retreat/156288724412737

My very good friend's husband is a super pastor with the Baptist Fellowship and, after many years of dedicated ministry, he was able to take a sabbatical leave: it was amazing. 

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To all the clergy of Moncton, New Brunswick

As a person with extensive experience in both news media and education, I know there is a highly organized smear campaign being conducted against our public schools and their teachers. I know it is false, and I have the evidence it is false. It is being done purely for private profit, and it is doing serious damage to our children.

I think that is damned immoral - with emphases on both damned and immoral'

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Important For Clergy on Housing Allowances CRA Policy Change


Any ministry personnel who own their own homes or rent should read this note in the latest InfoPac. It's an important change in CRA practice.




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Safety and Pastoral care

To not to derail a thread in Relationships titled Pastoral Intimacy, I am revisting a thread in archives for people to discuss.


"Keep in mind too the unfortunate potential for scandal. Many Ministers refuse to do one-on-one visits with those of the opposite sex, especially in the home setting. Our minister never visits without his wife coming visits require three schedules to converge.
Unfortunate times for that reason."


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Who are Grass Roots?

I used this word in a thread recently, and now, ( cart before the horse), I want to know who posters think the Grass Roots are in society and in the church.


Do you think Grass roots are lay people?

or/and  , in the church do you think Clergy are also Grass Roots?


Like any seed that is sown, it has to be watered, and nurtured by something - sun, rain, soil).


So, in the church, are the congrgations nurtured by Clergy ( watered and fed)