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horror in Malay

For the purposes of this thread, I am asking everyone to be mature and to own their own feelings, thoughts & ideas.  If you can't handle feeling offended, then, please do not read this thread.


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Mennonite Magazine Warned By CRA For Partisan Articles

Astonishing. And so it begins...



A Mennonite church magazine has been told by the Canada Revenue Agency to be careful about the kind of political articles and editorials it publishes.

In a "reminder" letter sent to Canadian Mennonite Publishing Service earlier this year, the federal agency says engaging in "partisan political activities" could jeopardize the organization's charitable status.

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athiest ad on buses

Dear Reader:

    Did you read on yahoo about the atheist group that wants to raise money to put the following sign on city buses?

  "Probably God doesn't exist. So don't worry, and enjoy your life."

   The group apparently, has posted these signs on buses, in Europe successfully. They are hoping to raise $200,000 , to do it in Canada.

What are your reactions?

Mine are: