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Naming the new 'Cafe - Survey is now up

Apologies that this is a bit tardy, but life intervened yesterday.


I have now activated a survey on Survey Monkey. Pinga ran through the naming thread, and found three that were the most discussed and supported to put on the ballot.


These are:


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This is not very funny

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Going back to an ex when you both learned what happened

Hey everyone, greetings from Thailand ... Have a question for you all!



Just got out of a 3 year relationship 3 months ago and we both like each other a lot but there was some issues in our past relationship that made us break up. Now since we have graduated and travelled we both have matured and figured out what we did wrong.

Knowing that i figured out what happened and still love him deeply should i go back to him and pursue our life? Or just let him go?





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Important Pension Plan Decisions Ahead

"...It has become clear that the current not sustainable."

"The combined contribution rate....does not pay...."

"Even maintaining the current accrual not sustainable."

"In fact, providing full inflation prottection under most scenarios is unaffordable"

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If you could bring a song back to the 14th c. what would it be?

I had this rather odd thought last night and wondered what you all would choose? I had the thought while listening to Stairway to Heaven, Led Zep. I really think it's a great song, and deserves to be at the top of the greatest songs of all time countdowns, which used to be a let down 'cause it was always so expected every new years'. But really, it is a piece that encapsulates varied and deep emotions and styles, and without giving it too much thought, I think I would choose that to share with folks in the 14th century, and give them a glimpse of the future.

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Libya and the future of Canada

we have now passed the point of  no return. And the parliamentary support for it came from all parties.  We are now committed to a war which has no relation whatever to any Canadian need. We are in a war that nobody has a reason for. There has been no serious discussion of it - and very little public information. We are committed to a war in Libya which will serve as the precedent for many more such wars to come.

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The most important news story of the century?

This week, almost ignored by most of the news media except as a bare announcement, President Obama revealed he intended to raise a record one billion dollars for his next presidential campaign.

Can't discuss it right now. Children and wife demanding to be fed at a restaurant.

But think of the meaning of what he said. Hint- I said from the start Obama was bad news.

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Call for Presentations: The Future of Ministry!(abstract/exec. summary for April 30)

The Theology and Inter-Church Inter-Faith Relations Committee of The United Church of Canada is undertaking a multiple-year study on power in the church and in society. This event will be held in October, at Queens School of Religion.

More information:

See also: "Events"

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psychic abilities

I had two interesting dreams in the past couple of weeks.


1.  I dreamt my cousin and I ate all the ice cream at Dairy Queen and Dairy Queen closed down.  A few days later Dairy Queen actually did close down and it looks like it is permanent.


2.   I dreamt that one of my male friends grew long hair and braided it  and then when I saw this friend next he shaved his head.


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Youth Aren't the Future of the Church

 I was intrigued by something a friend of mine wrote to the new Moderator:


"The youth aren't the future of the church.

                        We are the present."


What are the implications this holds for the church?