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Is the Bible a moral book?

It is a common belief among many Christian enthusiasts that all morality comes from the bible and that morality cannot exist without it.  I have personally been asked by a person of religious persuasion that if I don't believe in the bible then where do I get my morals from if I had any?  I found this question extremely interesting, not because he had a good argument, but because it was fuelled by sheer arrogance.  I find it curious how many people are so quick to judge once they find out you are a non-believer. They assume that my ethical and mo

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How did you come to be an atheist/skeptic/non-believer?

As an athiest myself, I was wondering how others came to be non-believers.  I can tell you my story if you want, but I am interested in how others came to be that way?

Now this may be a good chance for those of us who don't believe to let the believers know how we came to the conclusion that there is no god, and give them maybe some understanding why we think the way we do.  For any people of faith who have questions, please feel free to ask.