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Dredd--with spoilers.

Hi All,


I'm just back from viewing Dredd.  It seems surreal to say that I enjoyed the movie since there was nothing in it that anyone should really well, enjoy.


Dredd is set in the dytopian future of the American Eastern Seaboard where urban sprawl has paved over all land from Boston, Mass to Washington DC and swallowed everything in between.  Mega-City One is surrounded by a wall which separates it from "The Cursed Earth" with is an irradiated wasteland as a result of a nuclear saturation strike.


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Father, please forgive me, for i have sinned...

I knew this girl who could finish a SUDUKO game in 3 minutes flat. She once tried to get me to play it when I was drunk, and speaking truthfully, I told her I was not as smart as I let on. She had a really great job, a nice car, and white teeth that emanated the most beautiful smile with only one dimple. I have met many girls since her, but none quite like her. She was kind, sweet, endearing and considerate. She came at a time in my life when all I wanted to do was flail, drink whiskey and numb the pain.