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The United Church has sadly come to the decision that WonderCafe needed to close and all new discussion ended June 2014. Read More...

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Be ready - they're coming home!

Over 500 United Church of Canada youth, young adults and leaders are on their way home from Rendez-vous 2011. Be ready.

I've had the priviledge of spending the past four days with this lively community of faithful, creative individuals, through powerful expressions of Christian witness, in song and in prayer, through the challenging presentations of plenary speakers and in many conversations.

These teens are coming home with enlarged hearts and big ideas about being 21st century disciples.

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“I don’t really know anyone else our age who’s into religion.”

I’m a bit of an odd person, or at least that’s how it seems to me.
I dread going on dates, to be honest, when the inevitable question will come up of “so what are you going to school for” to which I have to say “I’m hoping to become a pastor” or “I’m working towards becoming a minister” or something like that.
Cue the puzzled look.
I’ve received all sorts of responses, but they tend to fall around a theme: “I don’t reall

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Rendez-vous 2011 prepatory resources

Here is a list of the prepatory activity themes that you can find on the Rendez-vous 2011 website, under the Resources tab:

  • Gathering Community, Discovering Multiculturalism
  • Go Big and Go Home!
  • Caring for Ourselves, Caring for Our Church, Caring for Creation
  • Pondering Pilgrimages

Start your journey toward Rendez-vous 2011 today!

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Beth Hayward


Rendez-vous 2011

Spread the word:  registration is open for Rendez-vous 2011:  Go Big and Go Home!  This is a once in a life time opportunity to be part of a grassroots exploration about the future of the church and your place in it.  Youth, young adults and their leaders are invited to meet at U of T from August 11 - 14.  Participants will be part of an event like the United Church has never seen before.  At Rendez-vous 2011 you will be fed, challenged and renewed to go back to the places you live work and pray and to be part of building a new here and now!  Be sure to ch